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Upgrade from QVM 3

You were using the previous version QV-Mobile 3 already and want to use your existing databases with QVX-Mobile?

There is no build-in feature to import your existing databases, but you can do it manually with iOS Files App.

Open Files App

  • goto Browse
  • tap On My Phone
  • you'll see a list of apps on your phone including QuoVadis Mobile, this is the old app, and QuoVadis X Mobile, this is the new one.
  • tab on the old app QuoVadis Mobile, then on QVM_Data, then on Dbs and you'll the the list of all your databases.
  • tap on the menu button (…) in the top right corner and tap Select
  • now select all Databases you want to copy
  • * tap on the menu button (…) in the bottom right corner and tap Copy
  • now go back to Browse and then On My Phone
  • tab on the new app QuoVadis x Mobile, then on QVM_Data, then on Dbs
  • long tap in the empty space below the last item and select Paste

You can also copy/paste the whole folder Dbs, even the other folders.

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