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Routing options

QVX-Mobile offers a wide range of routing options depending on your vehicle type, on what kind of roads you prefer, on how fast you want to get to your destination.

First you have to choose a provider giving you different sets of options. Think of a Provider here as a postal courier when you want to send a parcel. First you have to choose between different couriers, for example, DHL, UPS, national postal service, etc. Once you choose the courier, then you have to think of a range of options it gives you - standard, fastest, cheapest, most secure, etc.


Line of sight x Creates the route with straight lines between the route points, use with boats on open water, planes or for real offroad in the desert for example.
Bing x Online routing from Microsoft, offers walking and fastest way with the car, option to consider current traffic.
Graphhopper x Most advanced online routing from Graphhopper, offers many types of vehicles and the famous option “curvey routes”
Google x Online routing from Google
QMR x Our own offline routing. Offers fastest and shortest way with the car, bicycle or walking depending on the routing database. Please see Downloads for more information on offline routing.


These are all available route option. Not all providers are offering all these options. Some offer only a few.

Car fastest time Calculates the route which needs the least time, preferring highways
Car shortest way Calculates the shortest route in terms of length, can also take very small roads, if they are shorter, so this route usually takes more time then and might not be suitable for all types of vehicles for example trucks or camper vans.
Curvey Roads Here the fun of riding/driving on small roads is preferred, so highways and main roads are avoided as well as crossing cities, nice to explore the back country roads.
Walking, Hiking For pedestrians, using roads closed for vehicles and even marked hiking trails
Bicycle, Mountainbike, Racebike For bicycles with preferences on dirtroads for MTB or avoiding those for racebikes.
Scooter Same like cars but avoiding special roads closed for scooters, like highways and in some countries there a specific roads closed to cars but allowed for scooters.
Truck Heavier then 7.5ton, considers special closures
Light Truck Not heavier then 7.5ton

Avoid highways Avoids highways and multiple lane primary roads
Avoid toll roads Avoids all roads, that charge a fee for driving, note, that this could also be a bridge or ferry crossing a river resulting in detours.
Avoid ferries Avoid ferries crossing rivers
Avoid U-Turns In case of loosing the route, the recalculated will not start with “make a u-turn and drive back”, but the new route will go on straight first.
Alternative routes One or two more routes will be calculated and indicated as grey line in the map, just choose one of them. Note, that this option will only work with a route containing exactly two points, start and destination.
Traffic In connection with fastest time, this will consider the current traffic situation, where the highway might be blocked by traffic jam, but the small road is faster then.
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